About StaffLogic

About StaffLogic

At StaffLogic, we source and place skilled offshore talent to support your growth. With close to 20 years experience in recruitment, both locally and internationally, we provide an expert solution to sourcing and managing skilled offshore talent.

Our hugely experienced teams in Australia and the Philippines offer you a complete, end-to-end recruitment service. We source and screen high-level candidates, conduct interviews, set-up and implement systems and processes and provide ongoing support … to ensure long term success.

“I founded StaffLogic because I recognised the level of fantastic skill and talent overseas. These workers offer incredible value for money.” Tom Huckerby, Recruitment Expert, StaffLogic.

Every business owner knows that a business is only as great as the people inside it … and that bringing the right people into your business helps your business move forward.

Between you and business

What’s standing between you and success?

We’re business owners too … so we recognise and understand the key issues you’re faced with daily.

You want to grow the business, but don’t think you can afford the right person. There’s never enough time in the day, there’s never enough cash and you have difficulty sourcing and keeping skilled staff.

Sound familiar?

StaffLogic help by taking away the tasks that take up too much of your time, allowing you more time to focus on what counts –  running and growing the business.

We do this by providing a high-level solution you can afford … and you’ll enjoy a superior outcome by sourcing skilled workers offshore for substantially less cost than here in Australia.

An expert solution ... and a proven process

We recognise talent. It’s something we’ve become very good at in the twenty plus years we’ve been in recruitment.

And our understanding of your needs and our ability to match those needs with the right candidate are unmatched and incomparable.

Our expert solution is executed using a proven process – a process that provides high-level support to our clients and workers at every turn.

Offshore Worker

What you can expect from us

At StaffLogic, we source and place highly skilled, English speaking, tertiary educated offshore workers.

Our high performing, quality candidates are not your everyday Upwork or call centre candidates. These loyal, skilled employees fill many corporate and diverse roles including;

  • Accounting, finance and administration
  • Executive assistants/Personal assistants
  • Data entry
  • Market research
  • Outbound lead generation and sales
  • Follow-up customer care (24/7/365)
  • Invoicing and billing
  • Debtor and accounts receivable management
  • Correspondence handling
  • IT
    > Service provisioning
    > Web development
    > Technical support
    > Software engineers
    > Programmers and developers
  • Graphic designers

With the cost of an employee rising dramatically and with superannuation and pension rules changing almost daily, we find many business owners simply run out of options.

Using talented offshore staff will reduce costs, increase profitability and improve your output. This is a high-level solution your business can afford.

Operations Team in Sydney and in the Philippines

We’re on the ground in Sydney ... and in the Philippines

Many offshore agencies mistakenly believe they can find and manage skilled workers from their base here in Australia.

We don’t. We have operations teams on the ground in Sydney and in the Philippines sourcing and screening candidates, conducting interviews, setting up systems and processes and providing ongoing support for hundreds of happy employees.

And we recognise that understanding the Filipino culture is an integral part of a successful business relationship … establishing and supporting this relationship and ongoing communication are vital to our shared success.

It’s what makes us different. It’s what makes us better.

Cloud Technology

Evolving cloud technology

With over 20 years’ experience and expertise in IT and recruitment we’ve seen technology evolve time and time again.

Today, high speed internet enables us to communicate effectively from just about anywhere in the world.

Cloud accounting, cloud-based software, CRM and ERP software, smart devices, video conferencing and collaboration technology have transformed the way we do business.

Our operations team set up, monitor and support all remote cloud- based systems … meaning your tasks and jobs are completed efficiently and your deliverables are met.

The StaffLogic Why

The StaffLogic ‘WHY’

“I come from an IT background and transitioned into recruitment. I felt I could make a difference finding people roles and helping them get ahead in their careers. I get a kick out of helping someone succeed in life, be that a business owner looking to recruit or a worker looking for an opportunity to shine.” Tom Huckerby

It’s no secret Tom Huckerby is driven. Having run a traditional recruitment business for almost 20 years, StaffLogic’s innovative approach to offshore recruitment was a natural progression.

Sourcing and placing offshore workers allows Australian businesses to grow and thrive.

And maybe better still, it allows highly skilled Filipino workers to grow and thrive, as they’re able to fulfil their career dreams and work efficiently from home, saving them hours and hours of travel. They’re suddenly able to support their families and lead a better quality of life.

And that’s the real kick. Read more about Tom Huckerby here.

Are you ready to reduce costs, increase profitability and improve your output? StaffLogic provides an expert solution to sourcing and managing skilled offshore talent. Contact us today.

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