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At StaffLogic we pride ourselves on sourcing and placing highly skilled, English speaking, tertiary educated offshore talent … but we also take pride in demonstrating our social responsibility.

There is a huge number of people within Filipino communities who struggle to enjoy the things in life that we in Australia take for granted. A big bowl of spag bol may seem like an average dinner in Australia but can be considered something special in many less fortunate communities!

So, after taking a long look at ourselves in the mirror we asked the question…

Can we contribute more to those communities less fortunate within our lives?


In 2017 The Philippine Statistic Authority reported 5 out of 10 families had at least one child aged 18 years or older who did not complete their basic education. There are multiple families across the Filipino community that struggle to provide food, schooling, clothes and housing for their children.

Our brilliant team members Tom, Margeaux and Jing decided to give back to these fantastic communities and struggling families.

Back in 2018, we were a contributor to the Hearts & Hands United in Giving event … and had a small taste of a fantastic day giving back to the community.

The happiness and joy experienced by everyone involved was infectious… and we wanted more!

After multiple meetings and months of planning we decided to create our own Easter Eggstravaganza celebration that would make even the Easter bunny jealous!

Stafflogic - Our Easter Extravaganza


Our Easter Eggstravaganza was held at Hibao-an Sur, Mandurriao, Iloilo City in the Philippines, with an attendance of 50 children who were either homeless, displaced or removed from their families.

This was no small event with an enormous amount of spaghetti, chicken and ice cream feeding hundreds of members from the community.

The majority of these children consider spaghetti or ice cream as a luxury… something we can take for granted in Australia!

The number of people donating their time and effort was staggering. People from different parts of the world came together to put on a spectacular Easter Eggstravaganza.

The contributions from our staff plus their families, members of the community and local companies, including Trip Ads and the All Mio Club Iloilo, were outstanding… the smile on everyone’s face was worth it!

It was heart-warming to see a community come together providing hot meals for the children and giving out prizes to the well deserved winners!


Without the continued support of our wonderful clients we wouldn’t be able to create such a successful event.

The Easter Eggstravaganza was made possible by the Australian businesses using our Offshore Staffing Solutions … allowing us to give back to these disadvantaged children and families. Your business was able to provide an unforgettable day for those less fortunate.

Thank you Stafflogic

The effort from multiple people within the community and StaffLogic was truly inspiring…we want to say a huge thanks!

We want to keep growing this event across multiple communities and across all ages. Contact us to find out how you can show your support.

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