Tom Huckerby

Tom Huckerby

Tom Huckerby

Founding Director and Recruitment Expert

For over twenty years, Tom Huckerby has lived and breathed IT and recruitment.

‘I love it, and it’s what I know. I get a real buzz from placing the right candidate with the right client. I came from an IT background and transitioned into recruitment, because I felt that I could make a difference finding people roles and helping them get ahead in their careers. I get a kick out of helping someone succeed in life.

‘A career is a goal for nearly everybody…and to assist in that journey and help them get to that place quicker is immensely satisfying’.

With unmatched expertise in sourcing and matching talent and opportunity, Tom Huckerby is pioneering the way in offshore recruitment.

‘I decided there needed to be a more polished model that was in line with Australian recruitment standards…and one that wasn’t terrifying to the local workers.

Forget upwork and mass market office jobs in Manila… Tom’s approach is radically different. He’s all about supporting the right employee, utilising the high level of educated workers in the Philippines, and enabling them to lead a better quality of life.

‘I get a real buzz when I match the right candidate. When our work makes both the candidate and the client happy and successful there is no better feeling’.

‘There is great value to the client’

Tom has a ridiculous track record of repeat business. People he placed in roles 10+ years ago are now in positions of power, and returning to him to help fill new roles.

This alone speaks volumes.

Tom enjoys success, hearing positive feedback and surrounding himself with positive people. And after all this time still gets a thrill from seeing A and B join together successfully.

Growing up in the city, Tom was a country boy at heart, and dreamed of being a farmer when he grew up…and when he wasn’t dreaming about farming he wanted to be a superhero.

He loves going to concerts, coaching his kids footy team, and is active in the P&C at his kids school.

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